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If within 90 Days of purchasing furniture at Mattress & Sofa Warehouse you see the exact item advertised from any furniture store located in Vermont (Not online sales) for less than your purchase price,
just bring in the advertisement to our store and we will match the price and give you a $50 gift certificate.
Price adjustments within 90 days after purchase.


Tips for a Better night’s sleep

1.Maintain a regular bed/wake time schedule, including weekends. 2.Establish a relaxing bedtime routine,such as soaking in a hot bath /hot tub and than reading a book or listening to soothing music. 3.Create a sleep environment that is dark/quiet/comfortable and cool. 4.Sleep on a comfortable mattress/pillow. 5.keeping your bedroom a work free space. computers/televisions. Makes for
Did Ya Know? Color can change the feel of your Room. Warm and Cozy,Rich and Elegant. Lots of time we play it safe with neutrals. Why not add a punch of color? Look to your closet for inspiration. You wear what makes you feel good. There will be a common factor, whether its a certain
Tiny Houses/Tiny Spaces, Victortian homes converted into Apartments Make for Fun,Small Quirky Spaces, Which lead us to creative and clever solutions for the items you need. Did Ya Know? A Swivel chair is great for a small space , You can take advantage of the sunlight for reading or turn away for a more cozy
Because People come in all shapes and sizes . Shouldn’t your recliner? Did Ya Know? Fit is Important Whether your looking for a regular rocker recliner,wallaway, lift chair,or a high legged recliner. Are you left handed? You can have the handle on the left side. Having trouble getting up and down from your chair? A
Living in New England can lend to some challenges when it comes to lugging a box(foundation) up those narrow staircases.So there are allot of full sized beds out there. You will be Happy to know ,YES you can get into a spacious Queen bed, with a Split Queen box. A king is also available in
Dollhouse Dressed for Christmas.
Spring Time in Vermont is as good as it gets. With endless nooks and crannies to explore, and stunning views around every corner—it’s the picture perfect place to be. At the heart of it all, you’ll find our Factory Store/ Warehouse, where we have all sorts of Furniture for your delight. https://mattresssofawarehouse.com/ Photo credit: Mattress &
Mattress & Sofa Warehouse is introducing Signature Design By #Ashley Furniture Shop Soon for a great selection of Fashionable Furniture!
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