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If within 90 Days of purchasing furniture at Mattress & Sofa Warehouse you see the exact item advertised from any furniture store located in Vermont (Not online sales) for less than your purchase price,
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Rustic Unique Wood Furniture Whether you are looking for a beautiful coffee table using live edge from Acadia Wood and Iron Hairpin Legs, a mesmerizing dining room table from natural Light Wood, with Beautiful Farmhouse Look, or even a solid wood bench made from Acadia Wood, we have all kinds of incredible rustic wood furniture
How To Pick The Best Pillow
Our pillow may be our closest bedding buddy. Most of us spend eight hours each day face-to-face, as it were, with our fluffy friend. We share our dreams, whispering our deepest secrets … Ok, that’s getting a bit creepy, but Americans do love their pillows. In fact, 91 percent of us think our pillow affects
Decoration 101 Episode: What Colors
We are going to do a Decoration 101 Episode Once you have figured out what style of interior you want and how much you want to spend, your next decision is: What colors should you use? I recommended collecting photos of rooms that you like. And don’t just limit yourself to room shots. Are there certain color palettes
Today we are going to talk about LIFT Recliners from the Mattress & Sofa Warehouse Sometimes as we get older it gets harder to get in and out of your recliner. Lifts are a helpful way to accomplish your goal of easily remaining mobile. Our La-Z-Boy Lifts are awesome. We offer I Clean fabric in
Sleep is know for being important to creative thinking. But exactly what role REM (Rapid Eye Movement) A period of sleep during which dreaming takes place, characterized by rapid periodic twitching movements of the eye muscles and other physiological changes, such as accelerated respiration and heart rate, increased brain activity, and muscle relaxation. And Non
For anyone who wants to make their living space comfortable, modern, and fashionable, having a sleeper sofa is a must. Benefits of pullout sofas are numerous: just imagine you have a surprise visitor just want to hang out with a friend or two. This practical piece of furniture can offer a lot to the owners

Roger Radio 4-24-18

Hi Tom, The Sun has been beautiful these last few days. We are getting a touch of spring in the air. COFFEE TABLES Coffee tables can become a defining element in your living room or family room. They easily serve as a focal point to gather around for quiet conversations or for watching television. They’re
Hi Tom,                                                                                                         4/10/18 Today we will be talking about Sectional Sofa’s. Go ahead put your feet up! For sectionals we offer all sorts configuration options. From 2 pieces to 10 pcs. You can maximize seating and comfort. Choose a sectional with a chaise to stretch out while giving your room a look that’s anything
Good Afternoon Folks, Well the weather is certainly seasonable . Not to cold, not to warm. Could use a little more warm though? I don’t know if I ever gave the listeners any background on the Mattress & Sofa Warehouse and how we came to be. So I’m going to give a brief history. Long
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