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If within 90 Days of purchasing furniture at Mattress & Sofa Warehouse you see the exact item advertised from any furniture store located in Vermont (Not online sales) for less than your purchase price,
just bring in the advertisement to our store and we will match the price and give you a $50 gift certificate.
Price adjustments within 90 days after purchase.


The Science of Sleep

The Science of Sleep The keys to living a quality life are exercise, nutrition and a forgotten dimension called Quality Sleep. Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. Sleep determines our alertness, energy, mood, thinking, productivity, safety, longevity and especially our health. The sleeping brain promotes synaptic growth, a process that enhances memory, problem-solving, decision
In this blog post we have some creative idea’s for use of your old bottles. See here how to cut your bottles.  Below are some videos on cutting bottles in half. Create this great planter, by cutting in half your old wine bottles. These outdoor lighting idea’s are great for your outdoor deck or patio.
It’s interesting that some fabrics live in both the natural and the chemical world. For example, Latex can be from either natural or chemical origin; Synthetic Latex comes from chemical ingredients and natural Latex comes from the rubber tree. How Manufactured and Man-made Fabric is Made extruded as liquid and formed into various fibers.Because the

Wyatt Bedroom Set


Our large La-z-boy gallery here at our store in Morrisville VT has such a great selection of Fabric’s and styles. We have a interactive Kiosk that you can browse to try your fabrics onto your frames to see what one fits best with your room.  
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