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If within 90 Days of purchasing furniture at Mattress & Sofa Warehouse you see the exact item advertised from any furniture store located in Vermont (Not online sales) for less than your purchase price,
just bring in the advertisement to our store and we will match the price and give you a $50 gift certificate.
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Introduction Designing a home that’s both stylish and kid-friendly can be a challenging task. Parents often find themselves torn between creating a beautiful living space and ensuring that it’s safe and durable for their little ones. The good news is that with the right choice of furniture materials, you can strike a perfect balance. In
Are you looking to add a touch of industrial chic to your home decor? Look no further than galvanized metal accessories for your walls. These versatile pieces bring a rustic yet modern vibe to any room, offering a unique blend of texture and character that can transform your living space. In this blog post, we’ll
In the intricate tapestry of human history, one creation has stood as a steadfast companion through the ages – the clock. What began as a simple means of measuring time has evolved into an artistic and functional marvel that weaves its way into the very fabric of our lives. From the humble sundials of ancient
In the world of interior design, where trends ebb and flow like the tide, there’s a style that effortlessly marries the charm of the past with the sleekness of the present – Rustic Modern. This design approach encapsulates the warmth of rustic aesthetics while embracing the clean lines and contemporary vibes of modern design. Today,

Farmhouse Style is it out for 2022

All of us know the Farmhouse styles made famous by icons like Joanna Gaines of ” Fixer Upper” but the Farmhouse style has evolved over the years, I don’t believe Farmhouse is dead yet. Especially in Vermont where we all have log cabins and farmhouses and farms and tiny houses. But it has evolved: What’s
These Beautiful Fine Wood Furniture pieces are special works of art, and on a huge sale. Shop Early before they all are gone.
Home staging is a art, but the average person can do it with skill in these 6 easy steps below. 1 Curate your look , decide what you want to convey and what sections you want to highlight. 2 Start with a Empty clean space. 3 Contrary to popular belief It doesn’t have to “cost”

Minimalist Interiors

Basically Beautiful || Create a minimalist uncluttered space As you find yourself spending more time at home, it’s a good opportunity to take stock of your décor and get rid of clutter. As you work to keep your home clean, one design style that will complement your efforts is minimalism. “Less is more” is minimalism’s
I’m going to talk today about the furniture market in Las Vegas that I went to last week. It is a massive show with lots of vendors. Including Ashley Furniture which has a huge showroom that I got lost in. Last year I went to the show for the first time and was overwhelmed. I
The Alenya sectional, In a soft, light fabric it’s a perfectly neutral addition to any living room. The  contrasting pillows offer a slight , slight neutral addition . the comfort of the seats, offer stability that is firm but not too firm, the track arms give that modern look without too much . paired with
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